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Happy 7th Anniversary AAG

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On August 15, 2010 we filed for the name AAG with the state of Illinois.  We are 7 years old officially.   In that time we have served 60 organizations. Most of them are returning business each year.  Two of them have used Biz MatchUp for over 10 years (yes longer than AAG existed). This was because they liked the product so much they requested that AAG acquire it back from the company it was sold to after the CEO sold his first business and the intellectual property.  They wanted to work with AAG instead.  

  • Our team has managed 360,000 matches and collected 77,000 submissions.
  • We have serviced 120,000 users and supported over 500 events.
  • Our clients have gained over 21,000 mobile app downloads.

Thanks to the team that is making it happen! I am very proud of you all and could not do it without you.  YOU are the reason all this is happening!  


Thanks to the AAG team and the great teamwork and dedication to helping event professionals!


Disruption, Try it, you Make Like It

Disruption is widely talked about in todays business economy, but have you considered disruption in the non profit world?  Teresa Brinati and I took a close look at this topic for an article we wrote in the August issue of Association Forum's magazine.  We learned there are things non profits can adopt from big players like Uber and Airbnb.  In fact we learned there are associations currently using techniques like "Low Barrier to Entry", "Referral Programs" and "Power Partners", just to name a few.

See the full article on Association Forum of Chicagoland's site.

Disruption can be good.  Not doing things the same way they have been done for decades is really important in a world that where our phone is outdated every three months.

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