What an incredible thing that can happen when people work together. Working independently it's each of us sitting in our offices, each staring at our individual screens working on our little part of the project making some small progress.  But when the heat is turned up, and the deadlines are looming, suddenly an idea comes to mind. "Hey let's all go into the Strategy Room and work on this project so we can deliver.”

When this happened to our team recently, not only did we tune into what each was working on but we also learned how their part affected our part. This had the effect of rapidly accelerating the rate of progress. We could see the efforts others were making and this encouraged us to push forward with our part. 

Working together actually produces more creative energy. Sharing in the thoughts as the project is developed, increases the communication speed and adds to the overall collaborative and creative process.           

The end result is a project that is delivered faster, more creatively and more integrated with individual functions operating as a whole. In the end teamwork does the job very very well!