Speed Networking


  • Available on mobile devices
  • Party A schedules with party B
  • Users can choose meeting time
  • *Chat Feature - Connect anytime
  • Mutual Request available
  • Request a meeting option
  • Run reports to monitor the matching process

Typical Applications of MatchUp

  • Speed Networking
  • Hosted Buyer
  • Peer to Peer Matches
  • Peer to Mentor Matches
  • Attendee Connect 
  • Exhibitor Connect
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Job Fairs
  • Handshake Ranking "White Glove" Matches

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Product Overview

The Biz MatchUpTM application allows multiple groups of users to “MatchUp” with each other. Add more value to your networking events with Targeted Matches.  This application facilitates the popular one on one meetings common at events. This application makes scheduling for Hosted Buyer events a breeze.  Users get secure access to the scheduling system and can review the profiles of the other. They select who they wish to meet with.  The result is more valuable appointments and happier attendees.

New Match-Chat feature encourages connecting before, during and after your event.  

The system admin sets the parameters of the appointments. Additional options can be enabled to allow users to “Reserve” certain time slots to prevent the system from scheduling these slots. This gives the users greater control over their schedules. Administrators have the ability to reserve time slots for some or all of the users for items like lunch or social events.

Optionally, users may “Request” to meet with members of the other group. Requests are then confirmed by the other group before scheduling. Users can easily share their schedule via email, print or export to their calendar.

Administrators can run reports and view any users login to manage the system.

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