About AAG

AAG serves the non profit community and educational organizations. We work in the space where creativity, education and technology meet.

Our mission is to help our customers better serve their communities.


Through creating technology to help our clients work more efficiently.

With over ten years of service to the non profit world, our approach is one of mutual education. Teach us how you work, and we will teach you to simplify it through our customized technical tools.

We believe that…

  • Technology should serve the non-profit community
  • Education creates empowered clients
  • Strong relationships are the foundation for healthy organizations

AAG apps help you to…

  • Create and sustain relationships
  • Increase collaboration
  • Deliver high-quality educational experiences
  • Organize, track and archive ideas
  • Simplify communication


  • Meeting Planning
  • Abstract collection
  • Online Registration
  • Abstract Review
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Association Technology
  • Mobile Apps, Web Apps
  • Technology Education Sessions
  • Speed Networking

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415 W. Golf Rd
Suite 33
Arlington Heights, Il 60005

Email: Info@apps4meetings.com
Phone: 847-512-4412

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