Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a mobile app and why does my organization need one?

Mobile apps are software applications on mobile platforms. These platforms can include; Phones or Tablet devices like the iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Tablets include the iPAD, Android Zoom, Samsung Galaxy etc.

Q. What platforms are used most often?

Android has the largest market share, 40.1% followed by Apple's iPhone and very popular iPad with 26.6% of the market. Blackberry has 23.4% market share and is used most often by corporate users

Q. Can an iPhone app be used on an iPAD?

Yes, an iPhone app can be used on an iPad. However the graphics will be as small as they look at the iPhone. All the functions that are present in the iPhone will be there for the iPad. This does not work the other way around. iPad apps are not able to function on the iPhone. This is a careful consideration that your designer must take into account.

Q. Is this just a website on a phone?

The user experience if far richer. The phones have GPS technology, cameras, and location information. This makes for a much more inviting experience. Mobile apps "can" run without a network connection (say on an airplane or in the subway), but they must be designed to do so. Be sure to ask about this feature.

It is much more complex, in that the analytics, and uses are more extensive then that of a laptop or desktop.

Q. Is the data stored on the phone? Where does the data come from?

In a good app the data will come from a remote web server (like your website) AND be stored on the mobile phone so the app is not useless when no network is available.

Q. What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, and is a web interface will allows easy updating of the content of your website or mobile app. Without it, the contents of the app could not be updated. The BEST mobile apps use a CMS so you can easily make updates without the hassle of republishing your app.

Q. Can I update the mobile phone via my website, what is the relationship?

Yes, you can update the phone and do it via the web. See the above answer for CMS.

Q. How much information can I load on the mobile phone?

This depends on the size of memory on your phone. In general an app can have a few hundred pages of text and a few dozen images without much issue.

Q. What if I don't have a website, can I still get a mobile app?

This will vary by vendor. All AAG apps integrate with clients websites, but if you don't have one, we give you a CMS to update the contents.

Q. How long does it take to build a mobile app?

It depends on the complexity, but a typical app can be created in 2 to 3 months.

Q. Who owns the rights/legal property/IP to the app?

Technically the App store does (like Google or Apple). However the contents is all owned by the client.

Q. How about pricing?

Apps are priced by several factors. How many platforms you use, Apple, Android, and Blackberry are the most commonly used. You can get an app done for just one platform, like Apple, and add others later. Content, or the number of screens that must be produced, is another factor. Complexity of content and design is also a factor.

Q: I’m technically challenged. How would your products help me?

If you can use a smart phone and type a document on a computer, you can make your life a lot easier with our products. Click here to see how our products work. 

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