AAG History


Dan Pietroske, founder and CEO of Association Applications Group, began to serve the non-profit community in 2003 with his first company, Web Strategi. Dan eventually sold that company, but continued to develop relationships in the educational community.

Association Applications Group was born out of a question.

In 2008, Dan Pietroske sat around a table with education managers from several Chicago associations. They had just reviewed all their options for conferencing software.

“Would you like to choose one of the available solutions--or should we make our own?” The answer was unanimous. “Make our own.”

The education managers brainstormed solutions to all their challenges. The result was Conference Connection--software designed directly from the needs of the professionals who would use it.

In 2010, Association Applications Group was formed. The name has changed. The team has grown. The original architect is still passionate about creating products that empower the educational community.

We’re still asking questions. Our favorite is, “How can we make your job easier?”

We continue to customize products from client answers to our questions.

Your technology should serve you. AAG apps simplify your data flow so that you can focus on what you do best: provide quality educational experiences.

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