Crowdsourcing allows business to take innovation and creativity to a new level by collecting information from hundreds of minds and varied experiences. It allows anyone to contribute their ideas leaving race, gender, social standing, out.. There are a plethora of ways to utilize crowdsourcing for your next association conference that will engage your crowd and keep them talking after it ends.

One form of Crowdsourcing is Gamification. With gamification, you can motivate attendees to contribute valuable ideas with a friendly competition through leaderboards and rankings. Or for those less competitive, send them on a scavenger hunt, enabling vendors to reach out people who might not have otherwise visited their exhibit.

Crowdsourcing can be brought into individual sessions as well. Interacting with your crowd is now a lot more effective with interactive games and scores appearing on the big screen in real time.  Ask them questions and have them report back via phone app.  And traveling the room with a mic is a thing of the past. Have them submit their questions using their phone, allowing the speaker to choose what they would like to answer.

After the conference, save valuable conference information in the conference app to be referenced year around.  Questions that weren’t able to be answered during sessions can be placed on the app as well as any other additional information vital to the conference.

Bringing your conference into the 21st century through technology and crowdsourcing is a great way to boost interest in annual events.   “Crowdsourcing provides a platform where age, gender, race and education no longer matter. Only the quality of work matters.” (Jeff Howe “Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business”)   .  Allowing diversity through worldwide problem solving encourages creativity, innovation, and working together.  

If you are interested in learning more, check out our live webinar on Crowdsourcing and experience it first hand during the webinar.