We have been preparing a presentation for our webinar on gamification next month, so the topic was on my mind.  This morning I was surprised to see a game on the back of my Honeycomb cereal (yes I'm still eating kids cereal once in a while). Actually I was not too surprised to see a game. In the past they've had activities like a maze or Where's Waldo game. But now they have jumped on board the Social Meda and engagement train. "Its not about what you do, it's how you make it yours", is the heading on the back of the box.  "RU Honeycomb 2 UR Core?", they ask. They specifically call out to skateboarders, music lovers and gaming. They give examples of the kinds of posts you could make.  Highest number of cereal pieces stacked, unusual foods to eat the cereal with.  They suggest posting a video to show "what makes you an original, like Honeycomb."  Brilliant! 

This is a good example and reminder that almost anything can be gamified with a little creativity.  Brands are not just selling, they are engaging and including.  Gathering info from the community about their product.  If they are listening to the responses, they are likely to learn a lot about the community.  Non Profits could use this same strategy to engage and learn from members.  You may want to skip the videos on cereal stacking :-)

What is the most unusual thing you have seen gamified?

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