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Apple Rejecting Event Apps?

Recently Apple updated their review guidelines, saying they wanted to reduce the number of "junk apps" in the app store.

It is worth noting that this new effort to reduce "copy apps" from Apple, will be helped by associations who create year round, 365 apps like many of our clients.  When an app contains year round content, it tends to look different from other apps.  I think this will make a strong case to keep 365 apps in the face of the new guidelines. 

If it gets down to tossing out event apps, there is going to be a big change in the association / event world that will affect everybody.  For now, I think this may affect the truly low cost apps that someone can "build yourself" from a website with no customer support.

We at AAG make strong efforts to work with the client to make each app have a unique branding and content.  We want to provide more than plug n play software, we want to provide a rich content experience for the end users, the members and event attendees.  That can only happen when we partner with the association staff to create something unique and meaningful to their members.

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