When a volunteer is working really hard on a program or for an organization, it is important to be recognized for work well done.  Awards Programs provide an opportunity to recognize volunteers and organizations that go above and beyond. Thanking organization members not only encourages them to continue working hard, it gives a sense of place within the organization.  Awards programs are something members can look forward to each year. It inspires one to push beyond what they believe they are able to do.  Leaders also see the effort made, allowing members to further their organizational objectives.

According to International Franchising Association (IFA), “It is hoped that others will be inspired to emulate those honored thereby making franchising even more successful in the years to come” (http://www.franchise.org/ifa-awards-program).  Not only do award programs allow individuals to shine, it validates the credibility of the organization by engaging and encouraging its members. Awards Programs also bring in non dues revenue.  

Holding an awards program allows an organization to get their name out there.  When awards are given to those within the organization who are the best of the best, others see the values held within the company in the person given the award.   The International Franchise Association hopes that in providing an awards program for their association, the attention it gets will reach the public and generate interest in franchising, noting the benefits it will provide to society as a whole.

As there are a plethora of associations out there, varying in vision and objectives, there are an abundance of awards offered to organization members.  One of the most common awards is the Membership Recognition award.  Awarding the renewal of membership not only encourages the renewed party, but others to join.  There are Service Awards and Staff Recognition Awards for those who have devoted their time and effort to the organization.  Community Awards recognize those who have gone out into the community and worked toward improvement through programs.  Association Forum has the Association Forum Award given to leaders who have achieved great things within the association industry (http://www.associationforum.org/aboutaf/awards).

Educator Awards are offered as well as Student Awards.  Scholarship Awards allow students to compete with a monetary award toward their education.  Associations also provide awards with specific names of those who have contributed greatly to the organization in one way or another.  The American Criminal Justice Association  has the Richard McGrath Memorial Fund Award given to one student each year (http://www.acjalae.org/members_benefits.html).  They also have the Ron Pincomb Memorial Fund Award, given to a professional each year. The IFA has the Bonny Levine Award, recognizing women professionals, as well as the Ronald Harrison Award, which both organizations as well as individuals are eligible.

Awards programs not only benefit the individual member or student, but the organization as a whole. It boosts morale among those in the organization and gets their name out there in the community.  

When it comes to the management of your awards program, collection, review and reporting is easily managed by the AAG Submission Management product.  This tool collects the applications and allows for the completed applications to be assigned to reviewers.  Streamlining the process saves staff time and energy, letting you focus on other tasks.   

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