Many groups are turning to sponsorships as a way to pay for their app development or as a way to generate additional non dues revenue. Here are some suggested ways of using the on app ads to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities:

Opening screen sponsor with a "splash" screen

  • This yields the most views because every user will see this screen
  • Revenue option is very high

Sponsor a Single Category

  • Detailed description, logo and contact info, even video can be displayed whenever the category is selected
  • Possible revenue is high

Login-in/password Sponsorship

  • For any app with protected content this is a very highly viewed screen
  • Possible revenue is very high

Session Sponsorships

  • Sponsor logo can be placed and linked inside the session details
  • Sponsor can align their product with the session type 

"All About Town" Sponsorship

  • Local information on transportation, entertainment locations, medical facilities
  • Possible revenue is high 

Ads on companies listed in "Sponsors" category

  • Basic level of including all sponsors in a listing style
  • Possible revenue is medium to high 

Sponsor Games, Contests or Social Media  

  • These are usually more popular areas of the app and a good option to sponsor
  • Possible revenue is medium

Sponsor Push Notifications 

  • This is a great way to get a message “out in front” since a push notice is hard to miss on your device
  • Send out tips and info about the program including sponsor name

Example Push Notice: "Tip of the Day - Sponsored by 'Striker Inc.' Remember you can take notes in any session by tapping the note icon in the lower right corner."

Sponsorship Packages

It is important to offer the most flexibility by creating packages that offer different elements of the items above.

For example:

Gold Level Sponsorship:

- App Opening Screen - Full Screen Ad

- Sponsor Category on Main Screen

- Choice of one single category Splash or Banner Ad


Silver Level Sponsorship:

Choose two category Splash or Banner ads

Other Physical Media that Can Be Sponsored

  • Leader board
  • Wifi Sponsor
  • Device Charging Station Sponsor
  • Mobile App Support Booth Sponsor

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